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June 17, 2019: 23% Off On Warehouse 23's Classic PDFs!

We mentioned a couple of days ago that lots of the staff was at Origins (more on that to come!) and that we were having a Warehouse 23 sale on PDFs while we were out of the office. The response was amazing. What are the top sellers, you ask? I would have to say GURPS Powers: The Weird and Gurps Powers: Enchanced Senses are split pretty evenly. Principia Discordia was a favorite, as always, as was Pyramid #3/13: Thaumatology. If you missed your chance to pick up one of these classics, well, before it was a classic, now is your chance. What would your favorite be? PDFs from 2017, 2018, and 2019 are not included in this sale. Check it out now; when we head back to the office on Tuesday, this opportunity will be gone!

-- Susan Bueno

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