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June 30, 2019: Zombie Dice Review At Mid-Life Gamer Geek

With the non-stop flood of new games overwhelming store shelves and game tables these days, it is always nice when someone looks back on the games from yesteryear. And that is exactly what we get with this review of Zombie Dice by @GeekMid that was posted at Mid-Life Gamer Geek last weekend. In the review, @GeekMid writes:

"Considering the countless times I've played Zombie Dice over the years, I struggle to think of another game in my collection that I've got as much value from – especially when you also consider how inexpensive the base game is. If you regularly find yourself with ten minutes to spare with friends or family, you could do a lot worse than invest in a game of Zombie Dice."

Now that's what we like to hear! Thanks for the review, @GeekMid, and we hope that you continue to take Zombie Dice to the table for many years to come!

-- Phil Reed

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