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June 19, 2016: Ariel Barkhurst Joins The Marketing Team!

Ariel Barkhurst

My name is Ariel Barkhurst, and I estimate that overall, on a daily basis, I spend more time thinking about people and places that don't exist than ones that do. I'm the new copywriter at Steve Jackson Games, which means I'll put words together in ways I hope make people buy and play games. You could say I'm from all over America because I'm an Air Force brat, but you could also say I'm from Pallet Town, because when I was growing up that's what I would have told you. I went to college at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where I learned how to do journalism and, just as importantly, how to be snobby about tacos. Then I was a journalist at a newspaper in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for four years, where I learned more about writing and where I wished there were more tacos. Now I'm back in Texas, and it's not just because I missed the tacos, though it's definitely not not because I missed the tacos. I love games of all kinds – from Catanto boffer LARP, and everything in between. Just give me a way to pretend I'm someone or something else doing something else, because in real life I'm mostly just eating tacos.

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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