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June 1, 2012:
The annual Robert E. Howard celebration, Howard Days, is scheduled for next Friday and Saturday, June 8-9 . . . read article

June 2, 2012:
I made it back home late on May 13 and have been so busy with Ogre that I just haven't had time to tell you guys about my time in Hong Kong and China. After the day in Macau (mentioned here), we jumped right into a series of meetings to review Ogre and Munchkin Apocalypse . . . read article

June 3, 2012:
RPGCodex recently interviewed GURPS line editor Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch . . . read article

June 4, 2012:
Are you facing a severe deficiency of mad Sultans, flying carpets, and Senusi Dervishes in your steampunk world? Don't deny yourself and go cold Turkey; get GURPS Classic: Castle Falkenstein - The Ottoman Empire -- newly released to e23! . . . read article

June 5, 2012:
A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to attend the latest Dallas Games Marathon in Plano, Texas. I've attended a handful of these events in the past, and have watched it evolve over the last few years . . . read article

June 6, 2012:
Our first card preview from the upcoming Munchkin Conan game is Tolkemec, one of the bad guys from Robert E. Howard's last Conan story, Red Nails . . . read article

June 7, 2012:
Important! If you were a Kickstarter supporter, and you have not filled out your "What I want for my support money" survey, go to Kickstarter right now and follow the "survey waiting" link you should see at the top of the page! . . . read article

June 8, 2012:
The Munchkin episode of Geek and Sundry's TableTop went live last Friday, with Felicia Day (Codex) and Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo) from The Guild joining host Wil Wheaton and our own Steve Jackson in a game of Munchkin Deluxe. A predictable level of hilarity ensues! . . . read article

June 9, 2012:
We would have posted this at least a week ago if we had thought of it. We didn't . . . read article

June 10, 2012:
Hail Eris! I guess it’s time to introduce myself . . . read article

June 11, 2012:
Any hero who dies with unspent character points goes to his grave thinking, "If only I'd spent those points on something that could've saved my life . . ." For this and countless other situations, we present GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys. Produced by the prolific pen of GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch, this supplement gives you a plethora of possibilities for how to spend points to get an extra temporary boost . . . read article

June 12, 2012:
We suspected a couple of weeks ago that we would miss our original deadline to go to print, but we kept plugging away until we knew more. Now we're SURE we'll miss it . . . read article

June 13, 2012:
GTS Distribution is hosting a "Come and Play Day" next week in the Seattle area, and I'll be there. If you're a retailer in the area, please come say hi to me and see a lot of good game stuff from 20+ different publishers . . . read article

June 14, 2012:
Last week, we were shocked to find out that our third printing of Zombie Dice is almost gone. We suspect that the March release of Zombie Dice 2 - Double Feature, coupled with the game's appearance on the popular YouTube show Tabletop from Geek & Sundry, has generated a lot of new fans . . . read article

June 15, 2012:
In September, fans will add a new Munchkin booster to their game. We're also putting Munchkin Quest back in print and will ship a beloved Munchkin accessory! Munchkin Penny Arcade Our newest Munchkin license is Munchkin Penny Arcade, based on Jerry Holkins' and Mike Krahulik's webcomic, Penny Arcade . . . read article

June 16, 2012:
No, I'm not reporting progress on GURPS Zombies quite yet . . . I only just finished the Discworld Roleplaying Game edit . . . read article

June 17, 2012:
Cthulhu Dice Metäl is on schedule for release in August. More than a few people have asked, "Cool, but what's it made of?" As you can see in the photo, Cthulhu Dice Metäl is made of pure Metäl awesome! . . . read article

June 18, 2012:
Here in the United States, summer is a magical time of hungry insects, long drives, and fireworks. We honor all three with Car Wars Division 5 Set 2 - Stinger vs . . . read article

June 19, 2012:
Today I went to the Field Museum in Chicago. One of my favorite museums, not least because it has a sense of its own history . . . read article

June 20, 2012:
Supplies of the Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter are running low, so if you’ve been on the fence about grabbing it, now is a good time. Remember, the Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter comes with two special Munchkin Zombies cards that you can’t get anywhere else . . . read article

June 21, 2012:
One of the most tragic events in every gamer’s life is losing dice (unless they're cursed, of course, in which case you can't EVER get rid of them). Whether it’s to the hungry maw of a vacuum cleaner, the whims of a bored housecat, the predations of the mysterious Dice Gnomes, or the sneakiness of a gamer “friend,” nearly every gamer has a tale of the time the favorite die got away . . . read article

June 22, 2012:
Imagine what would happen if you could duplicate and enlarge any small object of your choosing. This new technological feat may seem like it's ripped right out of a science fiction novel, but new "smart sand" technology can make instant duplication possible.  Future science blog PopSci has reported that the folks over at MIT are developing self-sculpting sand . . . read article

June 23, 2012:
If you’re looking for a little bit of an edge in your Munchkin Cthulhu games, we have a veritable army of Chibithulhu plush toys ready to help you with eldritch, sanity-blasting cuteness . . . and their own abusive rule. You can find the classic green Chibithulhu, the orange Halloween Chibithulhu, and the ashen Zombie Chibithulhu at your Friendly Local Game Store . . . read article

June 24, 2012:
The debate about cavemen and astronauts has been raging for years -- at least in pop culture, anyway. One of the funnier arguments I remember was between Angel and Spike in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I think the question is worth exploring on a more serious level . . . read article

June 25, 2012:
Pyramid has always been the home of material that's 20 minutes into the future of GURPS. Every so often, though, we like to push the boundaries even farther -- which is just what we've done with Pyramid #3/44: Alternate GURPS II . . . read article

June 26, 2012:
Independence Day and Munchkin Cthulhu may not seem like they go great together, but this July 4th Chibithulhu will make you think otherwise. Our holiday-themed Chibithulhu is offered only through Warehouse 23 and has an exploding red firecracker on its pale blue belly . . . read article

June 27, 2012:
We'll be closed all next week for our annual summer break. Warehouse 23 will not be filling or shipping orders, phones won't be answered, and email may or may not be read, but probably won't be answered in any event . . . read article

June 28, 2012:
OOOH, SHINY! When a new box with the Munchkin logo on it arrived at the warehouse yesterday, we were immediately blinded by opening it. Apparently we all forgot that part on page 412 in The Manual about wearing chromatic eye protection when dealing with any new Munchkin products, but after we geared up and our retinas cleared, we saw that the rumors were true: the Steve Jackson Games scientists have constructed a new Munchkin Jumbo D6 out of Green Sparklonium! . . . read article

June 29, 2012:
As we mentioned a few days ago, we at SJ Games will be taking our summer break soon. That leaves me with a week to relax, unwind, and search for adventure . . . read article

June 30, 2012:
We're giving away dice! We're crazy that way . . . read article

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