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June 11, 2012: Give In To Your Impulses!

GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys

Car Wars Division 5 Set 1 - Killer Kart vs. Shrimp

Any hero who dies with unspent character points goes to his grave thinking, "If only I'd spent those points on something that could've saved my life . . ." For this and countless other situations, we present GURPS Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys. Produced by the prolific pen of GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch, this supplement gives you a plethora of possibilities for how to spend points to get an extra temporary boost. Mitigate failures, doom your foes' rolls, or buy automatic successes . . . even critical successes! Get a boost of cash, energy, or serendipity when you need it most -- plus many more options.

In addition, this supplement includes an extensive look into weaving these options into a campaign. Figure out how to use these options, and when. Learn how to balance between character growth and heightened drama. Revel in the breakdown for how appropriate (and inappropriate) certain options are for various campaigns: Action, Dungeon Fantasy, Horror, and many more! It's a package of in-game options that will have you taking your GURPS games to never-before-seen realms!

However, maybe you'd rather take it easy . . . go for a relaxing drive . . . maybe shoot someone from your car? No problem. New to e23, the Car Wars Division 5 Set 1 - Killer Kart vs. Shrimp set gives you everything you need to have two cars face each other in exciting tabletop combat. Read the rules, print out the counters, and have a blast!

Whether you want to spend points to change the world or drive offensively, we've got impulse buys that are huge on fun!

-- Steven Marsh

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