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June 21, 2012: Dice, Dice, Baby!

One of the most tragic events in every gamer’s life is losing dice (unless they're cursed, of course, in which case you can't EVER get rid of them). Whether it’s to the hungry maw of a vacuum cleaner, the whims of a bored housecat, the predations of the mysterious Dice Gnomes, or the sneakiness of a gamer “friend,” nearly every gamer has a tale of the time the favorite die got away.

Fortunately, Warehouse 23 now has a perfect dice-replacement program available -- loose Munchkin d6s in all kinds of colors for a buck each! Just tell us how many you want, and we’ll scoop them out of the bucket and send them along! While you’re there, consider picking up a Munchkin Dice Bag to keep them safe -- your cat will be upset, but your dice will be happy.

Keep an eye out for new colors and types of Munchkin dice coming to Warehouse 23 throughout this summer!

-- Leonard Balsera

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