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June 22, 2019: Classic Cyberpunk Adventures By Atlas Games


Did you know that Atlas Games once published adventures for R. Talsorian's Cyberpunk 2020 roleplaying game? It has been a few decades since these adventures were first published (1991 to 1993), but the wonders of the future mean that several of them are still available: Warehouse 23 offers six of the titles in PDF. Each is a great resource for any GM looking to run a cyberpunk-genre adventure.

If you're looking for new ideas for your '90s-inspired retro-cyberpunk campaign, consider starting with Cyberpunk: Streetfighting. Why this one first? The PDF is only $7.95 and includes seven different adventures; that's little more than a buck each! And even if you're not using the Cyberpunk 2020 rules, these adventures are sure to spark some ideas to help you flesh out your existing (or planned) cyberpunk campaign.

Check out the Atlas Games Cyberpunk 2020 adventures today!

-- Phil Reed

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