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June 30, 2005: GURPS Bio-Tech Playtesters Needed!

GURPS Bio-Tech is the GURPS, Fourth Edition supplement on biotechnology. Based on the original Third Edition title, it has been heavily revised and expanded for Fourth Edition by original author David Pulver and GURPS Transhuman Space: Under Pressure author David Morgan-Mar. Bio-Tech provides both real-world explanations and game statistics for medical technology, implants, genetic engineering, cloning, biological weapons, and living vehicles. It also includes rules for designing genetic upgrades, variant humans ("parahumans"), uplifted animals, and artificial biological organisms ("bioroids") as PCs or NPCs.

We will conduct the Bio-Tech playtest on a closed mailing list. Only Pyramid subscribers are eligible for the playtest, and list membership is limited. Those interested in participating should write to Sean Punch at kromm@sjgames.com by no later than July 6, 2005. Since we will be selecting a limited number of testers, please include a brief note describing your past playtesting experience and familiarity with GURPS, Fourth Edition (not Third Edition!), as well as any real-world expertise with the book's subject matter. As we anticipate many replies, we cannot respond to individual applications. Conciseness and ability to follow these instructions will affect the selection process.
-- Sean Punch

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