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March 2, 2021: Munchkin Reprints Later In 2021

Y'all may not have noticed (HA! My Munchkin fans always notice!) but we let some of our Munchkin reprints get pretty low for a while, especially last year when getting Munchkin stuff suddenly got harder in a hurry. I'm sure it's the Pukachus . . . Pukachuez . . . Puk . . . ACHOOO!!

Great, now they're in my pantry.

Anyway, we let some of our games get pretty low. I'm glad to say that we've scheduled some reprints throughout the year, and a few have already been announced or at least hinted at strongly. If it's time to refill your Munchkin plate, keep your eyes on the Daily Illuminator and munchkin.game/news for the latest updates about refilling your game library. You never know when your Face Sucker is going to wreck another copy of your favorite middle trilogy books. It's always the middle.

-- Andrew Hackard

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