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March 16, 2006: UltraCorps Small Games Open

The original UltraCorps design was massive . . . hundreds of players in a single game. But we now have a two- to six-player version in open alpha. Come give it a try. You can create a PUB (Private Universe Battle) game and invite friends to join - or check in the game lobby for existing games that are looking for players. Game speeds range from daily turns to "blitz."

Pyramid subscribers can get in instantly . . . otherwise, if you don't have a SJ Games account, we'll ask you to register . . . but this is an alpha test, and it's free. Just go to the UltraCorps page and follow the "PLAY NOW" link. If you're new to the game, the "Create Solo Game" feature in the lobby is the best way to learn the rules and the interface.
-- Steve Jackson

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