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May 1, 2007: Random Bloggy Bits

. . . recorded in between working on cards for the Munchkin Cthulhu supplement . . .
  • It's raining. Not a hard rain, but a serious one. Yay rain. Everything is so green right now, it looks like Oklahoma. (If you are from one coast or the other, or farther away, your image of Oklahoma may be based on Westerns, and you may imagine that it's brown. Trust me. Green.)
  • At Penguicon, I bought this very cool shirt and look, they sell it online too, and there it is!
  • When I came home today, I found a junk call from AT&T on my answering machine. A completely robotic junk call. Do these people really think it's earning them any goodwill at all to have a RECORDING call their customers? Of course, I'm on the no-call list, but hey, they're the PHONE COMPANY. Funniest thing is that when I called the number they left in their attempt to sell me more services, in hopes of sharing a thought or two with them, I got another recording that told me the wait would be about ten minutes. So they're uniformly inept. I need a new phone company.
  • Origins is coming closer all the time. I need to inventory some chests and rebuild some pirate ships!
And yes, I really thought about photographing some prototypes for you today, but I fear they may still be on the pallet coming back from GTS.
-- Steve Jackson

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