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May 31, 2007: 'Tis The Season For Surveys!

Ohio State University's School of Communication, working with GAMA and The Wargamer, have a new survey, looking at "patterns of motivation and usage" by gamers. Whew! That's pretty high-brow stuff, but it only takes about a half hour.

Some of you may remember a similar study last year, by the same group. This is the follow-up, designed to expand and build upon their current data. If you're interested, here's the link to The Wargamer's non-academic analysis definitely an interesting read for anyone looking at the hobby games industry as a whole.

And on a lighter, but no less survey-related note, don't forget about the Munchkin Quest survey! Over 1,000 gamers have already given us their feedback on the cards, figures, and packaging of Munchkin Quest, but we want more! Our survey's a little shorter, a lot more focused, and will help us build the ultimate Munchkin boardgame.
-- Paul Chapman

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