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May 2, 2007: Five Things I Learned At GTS '07

#1: Read the fine print. No, finer than that.

#2: Spell- and number-check your addresses. Especially for time sensitive pallets containing your booth and all your promotional materials.

#3: Personal fans with blinking LEDs that spell out words will attract more attention than a 9' by 15' wall of colorful posters.

#4: If you have an awesome crew, a six-hour setup process can be completed in half that time. (See #2, above.) And I had an awesome crew.

#5: Planning helps. Telling your crew about your plans before the show, and having printouts of the plans to remind them at the show, helps even more. And the combination of planning and an awesome crew makes for a spectacular event.

Despite a couple major problems (see #1 and #2, above), this was one of the best GAMA Trade Shows I've attended, largely thanks to Randy Scheunemann, Will Schoonover, Mark Schmidt, and Andrew Walters, with assistance from Steve Jackson, Ross Jepson, and Thomas Weigel.

Thanks guys, for making GTS '07 a great show!
-- Paul Chapman

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