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May 3, 2011: Munchkin Zombies Is Back!

Munchkin Zombie In a few years, we'll look back and laugh, but right now it's just annoying. Warehouse 23 was out of Munchkin Zombies.

In order to avoid flooding the warehouse with shipping containers, we stagger the arrival of our print runs -- a few thousand this week, more in a couple weeks, and so on. But if we miscalculate how many are needed for that initial wave of orders -- like we did with Munchkin Zombies -- we're left holding an empty bag for a bit. Of course, our distributors were taken care of, so your friendly local game store shouldn't have noticed. But W23 was bone dry.

Until now. The latest wave arrived, and we're all stocked back up! As always, we recommend shopping locally first -- no online store can provide demos the way a good local retailer can -- but if you don't have a local shop, Warehouse 23 has copies of Munchkin Zombies ready for the ordering!

-- Paul Chapman

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