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May 13, 2011: Off To Brazil!

By the time you read this, I should be far south of here, well on my way to the World RPG Festival in Curitiba, Brazil. This is my third trip to Brazil, and I hope it's not my last. Brazil is a wonderful place, and so huge that thirty visits wouldn't do it justice. So we do what we can.

World RPG Fest is a huge event!  I'm not even their only US guest; Chris Pramas of Green Ronin will also be there. They'll have thousands and thousands of gamers. I expect this to be somewhere between GenCon and PAX in size.

I'll get to hang out with the Brazilian MIBs, meet with Devir Ltda. which publishes GURPS and Munchkin (and several other things) in Portuguese, meet mass quantities of gamers, do a couple of talks, observe the Munchkin tournament being run by the MIBs, show off some new stuff, and maybe playtest some prototypes and see at least one new GURPS book that's being released for the show. Oh, yes . . . and ride an excursion train.

This will be a long flight - a hop from Austin to Dallas, then ten hours in the air to Sao Paulo, then a hop to Curitiba. I'll take some work. In theory I'll also be able to sleep. Cross your fingers.

I'll try to post at least one report from Curitiba. With any luck, it will even be moderately coherent.

-- Steve Jackson

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