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May 16, 2011: Report From Brazil

A short report. The longer one will have to wait a little while, because it is creeping up on midnight and I have to be in the hotel lobby tomorrow at 8 for the train ride.


The convention is over. It was good. Strong points: More than I can mention, but definitely:

  • Our MIBs in Brazil are great. There were constant demos, up to and including giant Cthulhu Dice (aka "Cthulhu Live") on the convention stage, with a copy of Give Me The Brain as the prize. (Cthulhu won the first game, so we consigned the six mad souls to darkness and called up six more players.)
  • I got to hang out with Chris Pramas. (Important bit of inside knowledge with regard to your friendly neighborhood Famous Game Designers. We don't all know each other already!) Running into someone at a couple of big shows, and being on the same Internet mailing list, and even living in the same city for a while, is NOT the same as actually getting to sit down and talk about games. Why did I have to come to BRAZIL to sit down and talk to Chris? With any luck, the next dinner we share will be closer to home.
  • Everybody here is so darn NICE.

Problems: Really, only one big one. Right now there's a lot of room for improvement in terms of game availability in Brazil. As a result, there were no Munchkin for sale at the show, no GURPS . . . in fact, nothing of mine. (The convention TRIED . . .) Disappointment for the fans. Disappointment for me, because (a) I make my living selling games, and (b) I'm a fan and I hate disappointing my fellow fans. We'll see what we can do to help make this better.

Now it's time to fall down. Tomorrow, woo! Train ride!

-- Steve Jackson

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