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May 26, 2011: What Do Retailers Want?

We keep our ear to the ground, watching forums, talking to people at conventions, and keeping our e-mail addresses easily available. But sometimes we just need to ask directly: what do retailers want?

Certainly you need more fast-selling games (aka Munchkin) but what about dice games? Or heck, forget about games -- what about packaging? Price points? Font sizes? Frequency of release? Distributors?

Whatever your opinion, on whatever topic, you can e-mail me at paul@sjgames.com. Please include the name of your store, so we can look for geographical trends. (Don't forget to enter your information into the Store Finder too!) Or if you'd rather, e-mail Phil or Ross, or even SJ -- all that matters is getting your voice to our ears.

(If you're a gamer, and you've got opinions on any of these questions, we still want to hear from you. Head over to our forums and let us know there!)

-- Paul Chapman

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