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May 4, 2012: Ogre at Warehouse 23!

Cossack LGEV Ogre MiniatureOgre! Ogre! Ogre!!

Here at Steve Jackson Games, it's been all Ogre, all the time for a while. With the success of the Kickstarter program for Ogre 6th Edition, we've gotten lots of requests at Warehouse 23 for . . . wait for it . . . Ogre!

To make things easier for our fans, we've assembled all of the Ogre items we have in stock into one easy-to-browse Ogre page on Warehouse 23. If you want miniatures, we've got 'em. Want maps? We've got those as well. Need to repair one of your well-loved minis? Why yes, we have repair kits, too!

But you'd better hurry. Ogre is moving out of the warehouse faster than we can whistle!

-- Liegh Hegedus

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