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May 1, 2012: Ogre Designer's Edition Limited - Pre-Order Now!

The Ogre Designer's Edition Kickstarter project has been going amazingly well. Last week we announced the retailer support options (April 27 Daily Illuminator). Retailers do NOT have to support on Kickstarter to order the game; they can get it from their distributors. You have a choice. The Kickstarter edition has a couple of exclusive counter sheets but you pay in advance; the regular edition will come through your standard distribution chain on your standard terms. Do what is right for you. Retailers - see our Ogre Designer's Edition sell sheet for details, and talk to your distributor today to reserve your copies. It is is so heavy and costly to manufacture that we are printing to order only, and we have to receive all pre-orders this month. We can not promise to meet any late distributor orders!

For those of you who are not able to support right now, or just absolutely want to buy through your local game store: We have created a pre-order form for you to print out. This is not to be sent to us or to Kickstarter! It's to give to your local game store to make sure they know you want to buy Ogre from them. Then they can order from their distributor or support on Kickstarter, as they choose. (If you want them to support through Kickstarter, you should consider paying them in advance, because THEY will have to pay their pledge in May.)

If you're not sure where your local game stores are, use our online Store Finder (it's also a great tool when you need opponents). And retailers, please consider printing a copy of the pre-order form and hanging it in your store; the more pre-orders that you can get for the game now, the more happy customers you'll have late this year when we ship the Ogre Designer's Edition. We don't want anyone to miss it.

-- Phil Reed

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