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May 5, 2014: Brian Engard Promoted To Hipster Dice Line Editor

You're not as cool as this guy.

AUSTIN, Texas (April 28, 2014) -- Steve Jackson Games Marketing Assistant Brian Engard recently underwent a paradigm shift in his workplace deliverables, becoming Line Editor for the bleeding edge entertainment maximizer Hipster Dice. In addition to his duties increasing engagement with the company's core brands, Engard will be taking point on shaping the Hipster Dice intellectual property, ensuring that future products in the Hipster Dice line exemplify the sort of 360-degree thinking they always have.

"Well, obviously, I'm thrilled," said Brian, when queried about his transition. "Being both Marketing Assistant and Hipster Dice Line Editor puts me in the ideal position to leverage the IP and promote synergy between our brands. We've had a lot of learns lately that I think we can leverage so that we can really take it to the next level."

"I don't even know what that means," said Phil Reed, Chief Operating Officer for Steve Jackson Games. "Who are we talking about again?"

"Phil?" Brian responded, when asked for comment about Reed's comment. "Sure, I guess his opinion is important, but when we touch base with him about Hipster Dice, we usually have to circle back and come up with our own work product anyway. You know how it is."

About Hipster Dice

Hipster Dice is the genre-shattering dice game about obscure references and bluffing. Grab your skinny jeans and your mustache combs! Are you hip enough? Whatever.

-- Brian Engard

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