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May 31, 2014: Free RPG Day

[Image]Saturday, June 21st, is Free RPG Day, which has been going on since 2007. Many publishers provide quickstart versions of their game rules and distribute them through local stores on that day, so if you're looking for new stuff to play, that's a great way to sample a bunch of different systems and settings.

Many stores also run events on Free RPG Day or have games going on in-store, so if you're looking to meet new gamers, that's a good time to do so.

We encourage you to visit your FLGS and ask them about Free RPG Day support, and if you're so inclined, to run a game or two! If you need something quick and easy to run, GURPS Lite is always freely available on Warehouse 23, as well as our iconic fantasy adventure, Caravan to Ein Arris.

Happy gaming!

-- Leonard Balsera

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