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May 8, 2004: Paging Mr. Marconi . . . Paging Mr. Guglielmo Marconi . . .

Wireless has come a long way, baby. I'm writing this Illuminator in The Green Muse coffee bar, five blocks from my apartment, which I located thanks to the good folks at Auscillate.com. (As the name might imply, it started off as a list of Austin hotspots -- in fact, if you leave off the "cities.php," it still is -- but it's grown a lot since then.)

So far, three of us in the Austin office have wireless cards in our laptops, and we're discussing whether to install a wireless router so we can all sit in Steve's office and send e-mail in the middle of meetings.

(Or play Puzzle Pirates. But I didn't say that.)
-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

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