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May 17, 2004: GURPS WWII Updates

Due to disappointingly low demand, we are scaling back the GURPS WWII line. We will continue to release supplementary material in PDF form when the e23 project gets off the ground (it's still some months away).

This means that all current GURPS WWII projects are going on the shelf immediately. Not into the trash; we will save all files and hope to be able to release them someday. We will pay "kill fees" to writers right now, rather than making them wait for "someday."

When e23 is up and running, we'll take each individual title on its merits. Status, for those who want to know:

  • Red Tide (Russia): We have a complete first draft, but getting it to final form would be a significant editorial project.
  • Banzai (Japan): We have first drafts of some chapters.
  • And we have several GURPS WWII sourcebooks contracted especially for e23!
Once GURPS Fourth Edition is out, we know that fans will immediately start work on conversions. We'll happily post a good one . . .

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