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May 13, 2004: Changes

As of 14 May 2004 I will be changing status at SJ Games from full time employee to freelancer. I will be taking over (again) as editor for JTAS, the online Traveller magazine, and I will be resuming the day-to-day management of the GURPS Traveller line, but I will be doing these things as an outside contractor.

I plan to continue writing books for SJ Games, but I will also be looking for freelance assignments from other companies in the gaming industry. I am looking into some sidelines that will enable me to make use of my hobbies in a more profitable way, and make some tentative steps into e-commerce. I’ll be posting the details on my website at www.LorenWiseman.com.

-- Loren Wiseman (loren@sjgames.com)

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