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May 10, 2011: Munchkin Zombies Designer's Notes

Munchkin Zombies coverWhen we release a game, we like to ask the designer to write down some thoughts about the creative and development process, what on earth possessed him to come up with such a crazy idea, and where he expects that crazy idea to go from here. Think of it as the "commentary track" on the game.

With Munchkin Zombies, of course, that designer was Steve . . . which means that the Designer's Notes article is two parts "Stupid jokes we haven't used yet," one part "How a Munchkin game goes from a crazy idea to 168 cards in 167 easy steps," one and one-eighth parts "Seriously, why hasn't anyone cloned Kovalic yet?" and more than a dash of BRAAAAAIIIINNS. It's a good read.

Some designer's articles include suggestions on how to play well, but you already know how to play well at Munchkin. Kill the monsters and take their stuff.

-- Andrew Hackard

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