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May 10, 2017: Munchkin Musings: May 2017

Red Pen of Doom

Spring has definitely sprung here in Austin. The weather's heating up, the trees are spewing pollen everywhere, and we're starting to lock in our summer convention plans. Be sure to check back frequently to find out where we're going to be!

I'm very proud of the effort our entire team put in to make sure all of our Munchkin Shakespeare commitments got to print in April. (Thanks for the hard work, everyone!) We'll be showing off previews of components as they come in; watch our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, and the Daily Illuminator to learn more.

Steve and I are both working hard on our respective 2018 release schedules, and a few very lucky people have started playtesting the first of them. If you're in the Austin area, watch our social media or subscribe to our Facebook playtest page to find out when our next playtests will be.

If you missed out on preordering Munchkin Curses, you may want to swing by your friendly local game store sooner rather than later; we've already sold out the print run, and we don't expect to reprint it - so don't delay!

See you next month!

-- Andrew Hackard

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