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May 17, 2014: Diesel Filling Station In Atlanta Sounds Awesome!

Diesel Fillin Station

The atlantamagazine.com site posted a listing of Atlanta restaurants earlier this month under the title of "Where gamers go to dine" . . . and now I need an excuse to rush back to the Atlanta area for "business." And I'll need to plan my "business trip" so that I can visit the Diesel Filling Station on Wednesday night so that I can play games, including Munchkin! Adding in the vintage console games, Nerd-Core Tuesdays, and the burgers listed on the site's menu I think I may need a multi-day "business trip" to Atlanta.

It's a good thing our partners at PSI are based in the Atlanta area. It's time I reach out to them to arrange a very important series of meetings. Hey, "business dinners" are a part of the modern culture, right?

-- Phil Reed

Oooh, take me too!

-- Andrew Hackard

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