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May 19, 2007: An e23 Original! GURPS Creatures Of The Night, Vol. 1

Slake Hound from Creatures of the Night, Vol. 1

The creatures encountered in an adventure set the tone for the game. They should be appropriate to the genre, but still a surprise for players. GURPS Creatures of the Night, Vol. 1 provides the GM with an assortment of monsters, animals, and unnatural beings that are both versatile and specific, designed to create unforgettable conflicts and unexpected alliances with the characters.

The tellanode (a secrets-discovering growth under someone's house) and pool beast (a dungeon-crawl creature whose only purpose appears to be jumping out at people and eating them) are already in my home campaign (don't tell my players). But you can also find the harriad (a hot little number who tempts greedy and ambitious men), nerloch (a different kind of zombie), ptallant lizard (earthquake on the half-shell), shoulder giant (earthquake by the pound), and a bunch more.

Scott Maykrantz, author of the original GURPS Creatures of the Night, is back with more beasties you (or more importantly, your players) have never heard of. Scott did the primary design and art (who knew he was so talented?), and Jason Levine (better known as Reverend Pee Kitty on our forums) collaborated to produce the crunchy bits.

And does that say Volume 1? Why yes, yes it does . . .

Buy it today. Make your players weep tomorrow.
-- Thomas Weigel

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