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May 20, 2003: But Does This Exploit The Monkeys?

Everybody talks about large amounts of monkeys, and large amounts of time, and the complete works of Shakespeare. Very occasionally, someone actually puts a monkey in front of a keyboard . . . but we have not yet gotten so much as "To be or not to QEWRIQER#$%@$%" out of the hairy litttle shirkers. Clearly we need more monkeys, or more typewriters, or more money. Yes! More money!

Indeed, progress marches on, and the Arts Council of England, bless their little hearts, has financed a milestone of sorts: the first politically correct monkey-Shakespeare experiment. Not only can you read some very advanced thinking about the meaning of monkeys and who REALLY wrote the plays (they don't take seriously the idea that it was a guy named Shakespeare) . . . but you can send them YOUR money and get your very own copy of the simian scribbles, on your choice of media. And if you do send them money, what do you think they'll spend THAT on?
-- Steve Jackson

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