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May 31, 2003: The End Of D20 Weekly

The current (May 28, 2003) issue of d20 Weekly will be the last. We're glad we tried it, and we published quite a few articles that we're very proud of, but in the end it just didn't find its audience. We'll put the effort, and the money it was losing, into other projects.

Current d20 Weekly subscribers will have three options:

  • A rollover of their subscription to Pyramid, our original online game zine. (If you are already a Pyramid subscriber, this will just add to your subscription.) The 583 articles in the d20 Weekly archive will be combined with the Pyramid archives, so those who take this option will still have archive access (plus, of course, access to the 3,400+ articles in the Pyramid archives). Pyramid will also have its budget increased to cover one extra article a week specifically about d20. Half of these will be a biweekly column from Owen K.C. Stephens, one of d20 Weeklyís most popular contributors. And yes, we will continue to host playtest for any d20 publishers who wish!
  • Or subscribers can roll their subscription over to the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society instead. We figure somebody will ask about this option, so we're including it.
  • Or a pro-rata refund, by check, for all issues remaining on their subscriptions.

For questions about this announcement, please contact Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor, at andrew@sjgames.com.

To Dale Donovan and Steve Miller, who worked hard as d20 Weekly editors; to Pyramid editor Steven Marsh, who put in effort far beyond the call of duty to help the "little brother" zine get off the ground; and to everyone who contributed material to d20 Weekly . . . thank you. It was a good zine, and the archives will stay online.

And to all of our d20 Weekly subscribers: thanks for your support. We appreciate it; we appreciate YOU. We hope you'll stick around and read Pyramid, both for d20 material and for coverage of the whole game hobby. But if not . . . well, thank you for giving us a chance!

Current Subscribers: Click here to tell us what to do with your subscription.

-- Steve Jackson

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