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May 22, 2003: Macrotures!

At last . . . finally . . . our giant-scale (1/60) Paneuropean GEV "macrotures" are ready to ship. Check out the Macrotures page for lots of photos.

These are hybrid castings; the body is resin, but the detail parts are metal. We plan to do more Ogre Macrotures. The more of you that like this one and buy it, the sooner the next vehicle will be out. How's THAT for a subtle hint?

The main use for the first few will be as display pieces, but when we get enough of them done . . . can you say GIANT MINIATURES GAME?

The guys at Sci-Fi Supply have a home-built set of giant Ogre minis, and their games are fantastic. Eventually, you'll be able to do the same. (And you know something? 1/60 minis are MUCH easier to paint . . .)

We're selling these for $20, which seemed to us to be a fair price but doesn't leave enough profit to go through distributors and stores. So they're a Warehouse 23 exclusive.
-- Steve Jackson

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