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May 23, 2012: Announcing Munchkin Penny Arcade

Munchkin Penny Arcade

What do you get when you combine Munchkin with one of the most popular geeky webcomics ever created? Munchkin Penny Arcade! This 15-card booster is designed to be combined with the original, fantasy-based Munchkin core set and will be available through your Friendly Local Game Store in September. Every card has been illustrated by Mike Krahulik. The rules (and the jokes) were written by Steve Jackson. What could be funnier?

You say you've never read the Penny Arcade comic? Now's your chance! This satirical comic dates back to 1998 and every strip is available online for you to read.

Can't wait for a preview? At PAX East, we handed out a special Munchkin promo card featuring Penny Arcade characters Twisp & Catsby, and that card will be added to Warehouse 23 orders while supplies last. Or talk to your local Man In Black! If you drop by our company Flickr account, you'll get a taste of what you can expect when you add Munchkin Penny Arcade to your game.

For more information about Munchkin Penny Arcade, read the press release or visit the Munchkin Penny Arcade Web page.



-- Monica Valentinelli

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