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May 25, 2014: Two Thousand!

Way back on September 7, 2002, I told y'all how we'd finally reached 1000 in our system of assigning a sequential number to almost every single thing we print (and sometimes things we end up NOT printing; that's life).

Why bring this up 11 and a half years later? Because we just reached 2000 in our system of . . . well, you know.

Unfortunately, G-2000 is smack in the middle of a batch of reprints, which isn't exciting at all, except that it means we're continuing to sell games, which is pretty exciting on its own. (To save y'all asking, G-2000 is a reprint of Munchkin 2 -- Unnatural Axe.) However, we think you'll be very interested in both G-1997 and G-2005, the two new items closest to G-2000 in our job list. And what are they? That would be telling.

Incidentally, I didn't discuss this back in 2002, but we do have other job number sequences. E-numbers are for digital projects, and that list is rapidly approaching 1000 itself. P-numbers are for short-run print jobs, what would be print on demand if we had a POD machine. M-numbers are for certain marketing projects that need to be tracked separately. And X-numbers are for . . . well, you aren't cleared for that, are you?

-- Andrew Hackard

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