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May 29, 2004: No Lookalikes?

Agents of Reich-5 are attempting to foil our schemes! Despite the obvious proof and generous rewards, no one has come forth to answer our call for Iconic Lookalikes!

The signs of parachronic tampering are obvious. Jeff Mackintosh now looks completely different (although he still is extremely dashing). Angel has been canceled. And the average temperature in Guelph, Ontario has warmed 20 degrees since we announced the contest.

Help us prove the interference of parachronic invaders! First, examine the targets. Do any of them look familiar? No? How about if you squint? Try stepping back from the monitor. Maybe if you turn your head sideways?

Fine. If you can't find an exact match, fake it. We're not submitting these to a major news service, after all. Play "dress up," use your L33T Photoshop skills, whatever you need to do. Make a cool picture of one, just one, of the characters, and you've got a chance to win the books!

(Fine Print: Send us the image, along with your name and address, as well as the name and address of your subject. Fax (512-447-1144) or snailmail (PO Box 18957 Austin TX 78760) a letter, signed by the subject, giving us permission to use the photo for this contest. We evaluate the picture for each character, based on closeness to the character, props, and sheer coolness. The photographer will receive signed copies of the GURPS Basic Set (both books), and the subject will receive a signed copy of GURPS Infinite Worlds. Submissions will be accepted until midnight, July 31, 2004. The winner will be announced in August 2004. All submissions become the property of Steve Jackson Games. We cannot acknowledge individual submissions.)

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