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November 1, 2014: The Blue Santa Game Promotion

Help us donate to Blue Santa!

The holidays are approaching fast, and we know exactly what you're thinking: How do I make sure I'm not on Santa's naughty list this year?! One can take only so many years of coal . . .

Well, we're here to help! For the month of November, we'll be helping our customers get some charity donations in -- and it won't cost you a dime!

Here's how it works: Go to warehouse23.com and pick any item from our donation list. When you buy a copy for yourself, a copy will automatically be donated to our favorite local Austin Christmas charity, Blue Santa. That's right: you get the game you ordered, and a second copy gets donated, free of charge! In early December, we'll assemble all the awesome gifts you guys chose, and Blue Santa will make sure they get to the kids who need them most!

The games you can pick from are:

The fine print: only products purchased between 00:01 CST 11/01/2014 and 23:59 CST 11/30/2014 qualify, and limited to the above list. Identities of recipients will remain confidential. Offer only valid for paying customers. 

-- Max Clontz

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