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November 17, 2014: The Illuminator Must Go On!

Back in the Good Old Days, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and knowing a little HTML made you an internet savant, Steve Jackson Games committed to publishing a Daily Illuminator every day -- Every. Single. Day. Hell or high water, rain or shine. Then one day, that streak was threatened. As I remember it, a truck failed its Control Roll on the curve at the base of our driveway, and knocked over the utility pole holding up the power line to the office. No power! No net access! Dogs and cats living together!

Fortunately, our in-house internet service provider, the fondly remembered Illuminati Online, had an ace in the hole -- an Unitnterruptable Power Supply, with a back-up battery that was good for about 15 minutes. The interface to the Illuminator was primitive, but I stepped into the breach and posted something explaining the situation and hit "Send." Thus the streak was preserved. Again, this is as I remember it, so it might not have actually happened this way at all. But it makes for a great story!

-- Scott Haring

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