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November 3, 2014: Talking Mars Attacks: The Dice Game At BGG

Our new Mars Attacks: The Dice Game is shipping to distributors and will be in stores very soon, making it almost a full year from concept to shelf. This one's been especially fun for me since it has been a chance to actually work on the creation side of games -- these days the bulk of my work is in management, sales, and marketing -- and seeing gamer response to the game at conventions over the last year is as rewarding as knowing that initial sales on the game are very strong.

I had so much fun watching the game come together that I decided to discuss the process in a series of posts at BoardGameGeek. While you wait for the game to reach your favorite local store you can read all about the birth and development of the game, starting with "There Was No Plan For A Mars Attacks Dice Game" and continuing on in the I In The Pyramid blog.

-- Phil Reed

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