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November 3, 2010: w00tstock!

Tonight, for the first time, w00tstock came to Austin, and I went.

If you are reading this, you should go. They do this show all over the country. It's geek Nirvana. There's got to be about a 98% crossover between "people who read this column" and "people who would like w00tstock." Did I say you should go? You should go. If you'd been there tonight you would have heard . . .

  • Neil Gaiman, in the role of "Wil Wheaton," reading two of his (Neil's) short stories.
  • Adam Savage explaining how his first kiss was a direct result of Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Stephen "Stepto" Toulose tell about fighting EEEEVIL on Xbox Live.
  • Paul and Storm rendering the unearthly harmonies of Nun Fight, and closing the show with one of the most reprehensible pirate ballads I have ever heard. Arrrrrr!
  • Two really brave ASL interpreters who kept right on signing through a storm of elephant spunk.
  • Way huge numbers of "My Cover Band" jokes.
  • Safety instructions for water landing the Paramount Theatre, courtesy of Rooster Teeth.

Such nerdy goodness. And too bad that one of w00tstock's founders, Wil Wheaton, could not be corporeally present . . . but hey, he got played by Neil Gaiman so nobody, including him, should complain too loudly!

-- Steve Jackson

Where's Phil?

Tonight, November 3, Phil will be at Medieval Starship in Pembroke MA from 6pm until 8pm. He'd love to chat with you about game packaging, development, or any of our upcoming (or recent) releases!

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