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November 22, 2010: Double Shot Of Magazines!

Pyramid 3/25 Space Gamer #48 Last week, e23 released two magazines: Pyramid #3/25 and Space Gamer #48. Let's see what's inside . . .

The subtitle of this month's Pyramid is Epic Magic. Since magic by itself is pretty spectacular, bumping it up to "epic" would be completely reasonable. Looking to power up the elemental spells? Read "Essential Magic" for an expansion to the Elemental colleges from GURPS Magic. What's better than an insanely powerful artifact? A pair of insanely powerful artifacts -- "The World Maker" and "Al-Abyad's Astrolabe" to be specific. And if you'd like your game to push the limits of magic, add in one or more . . . I hesitate to call them "vehicles" . . . from David Pulver's article "The Skystone Castle And Other Wonders." He based these on the rules from his GURPS Spaceships: Spaceships 4: Fighters, Carriers, and Mecha and Spaceships 7: Divergent and Paranormal Tech. The imagination, of course, is all his.

The Space Gamer release is, as readers know, a PDF of the magazine originally published in the early '80s. This issue features a superhero campaign design article by Aaron Allston, the 1981 Origins Award ballot, an adventure for Traveller, and a round-up of the miniatures producers of the day. The usual batch of reviews and news are in attendance as well, as is the Where We're Going column. Fans interested in Steve Jackson Games' history know that SJ uses that article to highlight the company's activities. It's a peek behind the curtain, back to 1982.

Magic and history -- both are available on e23 now!

-- Paul Chapman

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