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November 4, 2003: Munchkins Invade Essen

The Essen show this year was huge, and the new German edition of Munchkin was there! Here's a photo of the Pegasus Spiele booth during the all-day German Munchkin Championship. The final game was settled by a Divine Intervention! The final four:
  • Champion: Marco Landwehr
  • 2nd: John Klinkhammer
  • 3rd: Robert Grimm
  • 4th: Henning Timm
Our thanks to our friends at Pegasus, to the many European MIBs who helped with the Munchkinry, and to everyone who is now playing any of the four (four!!) European editions of Munchkin. You can now kill monsters and steal their stuff in German, Dutch, Italian, and French. Rah!

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