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November 6, 2003: Wait And Fear. Hite Is Here.

Steve Jackson Games is enormously pleased to announce that Ken Hite has accepted a full-time position as our new Staff Writer. Ken will be working on several Secret Projects for us, including content for e23. His popular Pyramid column, "Suppressed Transmission," will of course continue.

"Ken has thousands of fans out there . . . and a lot right here in our office," said Steve Jackson. "We're looking forward to turning him loose on all the great things he's going to be writing for us. I wish I could tell you about them . . . No, I don't. It'll be more fun to spring them on you."

Ken is best known to GURPS fans as the co-author or author of GURPS Alternate Earths, GURPS Alternate Earths 2, GURPS Horror, GURPS Cabal, and GURPS WWII: Weird War II. His two collections of Pyramid columns, Suppressed Transmission and Suppressed Transmission 2, have received praise both inside and outside the gaming community.

Welcome aboard, Ken!

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