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November 30, 2003: Pretty In Pink

Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" like turning your entire torso into a large pink cat face.

No, really.

Fans of Something Positive will be sure to recognize Choo-Choo Bear beaming out at them from the pink Murr T-Shirt, and if you wear these shirts, soon everyone around you will recognize him as well. After all, it's very hard to miss a cat that pink. That squishable. That charming. That torso-enveloping. Cheer your friends up. Be Choo-Choo Bear. They'll thank you for it. (Or run screaming, but if so, they probably weren't very interesting friends in the first place. You're better off without them.)

And if Choo-Choo Bear isn't enough to make people feel festive, how about the cast of Something Positive? The Logo T-Shirt features the beaming - okay, smiling - well, three of them are smiling, which is three times as festive as no one smiling at all - cast of the comic. Choo-Choo Bear, Davan, PeeJee, and Aubrey are all there on the shirts, and that's an awful lot of Something Positive.

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