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November 5, 2016: Extra Life Game Marathon For Charity


Do you like helping kids? Then this weekend, support a great charity – Extra Life! Gamers around the country are playing 24-hour streams to raise money for Children's Miracle Network, which helps kids dealing with terrible stuff and hospital visits that no child should have to endure. It's a great cause, and all you have to do to help is watch gamers play games, and donate!

Many streams are taking place on Twitch over this weekend. You can also check out their donation pages to make a contribution. Anything helps, even a buck, though more is always welcome. If you'd like, it's easy to participate, as well! You play games with your friends all the time, so why not start your own Extra Life page (like my friends and I do each year, shameless plug) and see what you can raise? Your friendly local game store may be running something as well, so check with the store to see if you can be involved!

If you are participating in Extra Life this weekend, share a link to your stream with us on Twitter and we'll send out a signal boost! If you aren't, give some support to those streamers and fundraisers, because playing games for 24 hours straight is harder than it looks. Good luck, fellow Extra Lifers, and remember – it's for the kids!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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