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November 19, 2016: Munchkin Musings: November 2016

It can't be November already; why, it seems like just a week or two ago, it was Halloween! . . . Oh.

November at Munchkin HQ is often crunch time, and this year is no different. We're working further ahead than usual, but that is no reason to rest on our achievements – the more we get done in 2016, the better situated we are to start 2017 on the right foot. This is especially critical because Chinese New Year is particularly early in 2017, so we have a very short window to work with our printers before they close for several weeks.

Of course, as every year, we've had a couple of last-minute opportunities arise, so it's good that we're so far ahead of the schedule . . . it makes our crunch time a little less, um, crunchy. (No, we can't talk about them yet, but we'll certainly holler when the time is right!)

This November is busy for me, personally, as well; I'm out of town for more than half the month, going to California for work meetings and a close friend's wedding and then heading straight to Dallas for BGGcon. I expect that there will be a lot of late-night hotel-room work this month so I can hit my deadlines and stay on top of things back in Austin. I get back just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend, and then it's only three weeks before we close for the winter break.

We have lots of cool stuff still to announce this year; keep watching the Daily Illuminator and Munchkin News, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, for the latest rumors and scuttlebutt from SJ Games and Munchkin HQ. If you'll be at BGG, we'll see you there; otherwise, I'll be back in December for a 2016 wrap-up edition of Munchkin Musings!

-- Andrew Hackard

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