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November 15, 2016: Car Wars Sixth Edition Delayed

Car Wars

Earlier this year, we announced that we were delaying the release of Car Wars Sixth Edition until 2017. Our plans at that time were to launch a Kickstarter project this month for the Car Wars Anthology, and a Kickstarter project for the new game in January.
Unfortunately, those plans have changed, too. At this time, it is better if we hold off on both of these Kickstarter projects and continue to focus on developing the core game and constructing the expansions.
We have now taken the Car Wars game to two separate retailer events. While the feedback from retailers has been overwhelmingly positive, the game is still taking more time to play than we like – four-player games are running roughly 90 to 120 minutes. So we want to dig into the core of the game to cut that down to about 60 minutes. 
We have ideas on how to streamline playing time, but each concept requires time to explore, and once we select a solution, we will have to hammer out the details of the decision – that is, playtest! – from every angle. 
We believe this is the right answer, even if it means pushing back the launch of the Kickstarter projects – and the game – four to six months. Not having Car Wars for Gen Con 2017 will be painful, yes, to both our bottom line and pride. But it would be more painful to proceed with the game at the current average playing time. It's better to take the short-term hit to sales and pride than to be stuck with a game length that is twice our goal.
We will have much more to say as we reach each specific milestone.

-- Phil Reed

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