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November 1, 2016:
Munchkin has a history of invading stories and causing trouble. From Oz to Grimm Tidings, Spyke and Flower can't seem to keep their heads out of books . . . read article

November 2, 2016:
If you're afraid of spelling, cats that never stop smiling, zombies, or counting your murder victims, then October was a month of appealingly spooky, scary releases from Steve Jackson Games! If none of those things scare you, we have to say: Your bravery knows no bounds . . . read article

November 3, 2016:
You know what they say: Where there's gold, there be dragons. And at Walmart right now, there is, in fact, both gold and dragons! . . . read article

November 4, 2016:
Did you miss out on the Dungeon Fantasy RPG Kickstarter? Fear not! . . . read article

November 5, 2016:
Do you like helping kids? Then this weekend, support a great charity – Extra Life! . . . read article

November 6, 2016:
It's that time again! November 16-20, we will be at BGG.Con at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport . . . read article

November 7, 2016:
Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition gives players all the pathfinding and munchkining of the original Munchkin Pathfinder, with illustrations from Shane White, artist for the Pathfinder: Goblins! comic. And it will be at your local game store soon! . . . read article

November 8, 2016:
The ground shakes. There's a distant rumble, like thunder cresting the hill . . . except this is not natural . . . read article

November 9, 2016:
Do you hear those sirens in the distance? That's the sound of a raid . . . a Yellow Brick Raid! In fact, it's Munchkin Oz 2 – Yellow Brick Raid, the first expansion to the Munchkin game set somewhere over the rainbow! . . . read article

November 10, 2016:
The holidays are on the way, so we're sharing our cheer with stores around the country (and world) that are participating in our #PlayMunchkin Holiday Event with a Retail Kit! These kits include tons of unique promo cards, bookmarks, and even a demo game . . . read article

November 11, 2016:
Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game is shipping as we speak, and available for preorder now at your friendly local game store and Warehouse 23! I bet you didn't see that coming . . . read article

November 12, 2016:
It's time for another Warehouse 23 Top 10! This month, we find that everyone loves steampunk! GURPS Steampunk 1: Settings and Style, that is . . . read article

November 13, 2016:
On the road again! That's right – this weekend, we're at BGG.Con at the Hyatt Regency DFW Airport . . . read article

November 14, 2016:
An astute reader may notice that many of our Munchkin Guest Artist series collaborators also contribute to Munchkin comics from BOOM! Studios . . . read article

November 15, 2016:
Earlier this year, we announced that we were delaying the release of Car Wars Sixth Edition until 2017. Our plans at that time were to launch a Kickstarter project this month for the Car Wars Anthology, and a Kickstarter project for the new game in January.   Unfortunately, those plans have changed, too . . . read article

November 16, 2016:
The Ogre Miniatures Set 1 Kickstarter started with a rumble and has grown to a roaring thunder, knocking down stretch goals like they were hapless defenders! Thanks to all the backers, this affordable set of miniatures has become quite a steal, adding an extra GEV, Heavy Tank, and Missile Tank, with more defenders on the horizon . . . read article

November 17, 2016:
We're on the road this week, but not too far from home. The SJ Games crew has set up shop at BGG.Con in Dallas, TX, November 16-20 . . . read article

November 18, 2016:
The best thing about the holidays is getting together with friends and family, and playing games. And beating them at games . . . read article

November 19, 2016:
It can't be November already; why, it seems like just a week or two ago, it was Halloween! . . . Oh . . . read article

November 20, 2016:
Before I worked in the boardgame industry, games were a big part of my life. But despite being an avid gamer, I couldn't put a face to even my favorite designers . . . read article

November 21, 2016:
We're closing in on the end of 2016, and it's been a whirlwind year for our Munchkin Guest Artist Edition line. To celebrate Munchkin's 15th anniversary, we've released a whopping 10 limitededition games, with a few more on the way. That means our Guest Artist Edition series offers something new for fans of any theme . . . read article

November 22, 2016:
Developing the Munchkin Collectible Card Game has been an eye-opening experience. I'm not going to get into how the sausage is made in this post, but I do want to recognize the people who have put so much hard work into this project . . . read article

November 23, 2016:
Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game comes out of the shadows this week, straight to your retailers, and the World's Greatest Detective is making a special appearance at a new venue for SJ Games: Hot Topic. We're excited to join one of the biggest pop-culture shops around, and we believe Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game will fit in nicely among the Joker apparel . . . read article

November 24, 2016:
Do you like your loot with a side of surprises? Then our Holiday Grab Boxes and Game-In-A-Bag deals on Warehouse 23 are just what you're looking for! . . . read article

November 25, 2016:
Black Friday is synonymous with holiday shopping, but with so many options, where do you start? Fear not! . . . read article

November 26, 2016:
Suit up, Marvel fans! To celebrate the release of Munchkin Marvel 3: Cosmic Chaos, USAopoly is hosting events across the country today, showing it alongside Munchkin Marvel Edition and Munchkin Marvel 2: Mystic Mayhem! . . . read article

November 27, 2016:
We're back in the office after a great trip to BGG.CON 2016. Andreas, Ariel, Guy, Jimmie, Randy and I set off on our journey Wednesday morning . . . read article

November 28, 2016:
Grab your adventurer's pack, best goblin-killing sword, and a bag of polyhedral dice, because we're heading back to the dungeon! Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition is arriving at your friendly local game store, and even with a fresh, new look, these monsters are tough. Being one of the most popular versions of Munchkin, we entrusted this new edition to Shane White, an immensely talented artist who's also had experience illustrating the Pathfinder: Goblins! comic series . . . read article

November 29, 2016:
Attention Needed! Incoming Transmission From Headquarters: Commander, we've detected several hostile Ogres heading to your Friendly Local Game Store . . . read article

November 30, 2016:
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . at your local postal carrier. That means that it's time to get your orders in to Warehouse 23 if you want to receive your SJ Games loot in time for the big day!  For international orders, the last day to order for your stuff to arrive by Christmas is December 2 . . . read article

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