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November 21, 2011: The Latest Tech? How Old-Fashioned!

Pyramid 3 37 Tech and Toys II

What better way to celebrate the forthcoming holiday season than with lots of toys . . . like all the parts needed to create an unlimited number of deadly lasers? Or an assortment of over two-dozen futuristic guns and heavy weapons? Or a murderous housekeeping robot? Or a futon?

All of these goodies and more can be found within the virtual pages of the newly released Pyramid #3/37: Tech and Toys II! This issue contains a variety of gadgets and goodies, optional tech-based rules, and reflections on the nature of innovation. Tinkerers will love David Pulver's laser and blaster design system, Matt Riggsby's expanded jury-rigging rules, and Thomas Weigel's optional expansion of the GURPS computer rules. Folks who like ready-to-use gizmos will like the futuristic home amenities and the expanded Ultra-Tech gun options.

Since I'm planning on visiting my in-laws for a week this holiday season, I'm most interested in the orbital terraforming satellite that -- if used incorrectly -- causes the solar system's sun to go supernova. I call it "Plan B."

-- Steven Marsh

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