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November 24, 2010: Doin' Great!

Like most businesses, Steve Jackson Games has had its ups and downs. The past couple of years, things have been doing quite well. (In fact these past two months have been, and I quote: "insanely great.") When asked at conventions, we usually say "We're doing great, thanks to Munchkin!"

While that answer is mostly accurate, it downplays an important part of our organization: the guys who actually sell the games to the distributors and retailers, who sell the games to you.

So, in this season of thankfulness, we'd like to say "Thank you" to:

  • Ross, our Director of Sales, for selling, selling, selling!
  • Fred, Dean, Mike, SuZan, and everyone else at PSI for their efforts keeping our current markets happy, and helping us find new markets.
  • The distributors for keeping our games in stock and giving us good feedback.
  • The retailers, domestic and international, who keep the gamers happy with knowledgeable staff and awesome stores.
  • And finally, you, our customers -- without you, the best game in the world would just sit on a shelf.

Thank you, one and all!

-- Paul Chapman

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