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October 4, 2021: Open The Holiday Vaults!

Santa has awoken from his annual slumber, and he's kicked open the door to our Holiday Vault on Warehouse 23! All the cheery Munchkin goodness dedicated to the holiday season is available to order now on Warehouse 23, until Santa goes back to sleep. Come to think of it, I may be confusing Santa with Cthulhu. Either way, same rules apply. Whether you are looking for a unique stocking stuffer for the Munchkin fan in your life, or you're a game store owner trying to stock some thematic gifts for your customers, this is the perfect time to start shopping!

Items include:

So be like a highly-prepared elf and get your Christmas shopping done early. Or maybe just pick something up for yourself . . . we won't tell! Just make sure you get to it before 2022, because the vault will go back into hibernation. Just like Cthulhu. Or a bear. Or Santa. I'm honestly not sure which one at this point . . .

-- Hunter Shelburne

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