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October 11, 2021: The Future Is What You Make It, With GURPS

GURPS Future History

The future isn't just spaceships, robots, and terraforming. It's big ideas. The cycle of time. The inevitability of change. The immutability of human nature. Tomorrow is yours, to guide and decide, with GURPS Future History.

Written by William H. Stoddard (GURPS Social Engineering, GURPS Fantasy, GURPS Adaptations, and many others), this supplement can help you forge a future that makes sense. From themes to societies to long-term trends and even longer cycles, Future History lets you unleash your science fiction spark. In addition to big ideas and insightful inspiration, this supplement also offers new GURPS goodies to give trappings to your tomorrows, including new templates and enlightenment into various traits.

Whether trying to adapt a beloved science fiction setting or craft your own futuristic society, GURPS Future History is sure to sow the seeds for centuries beyond imagining. Download it today from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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